Wednesday, May 1, 2019

They love it

Sometimes people come back to me for more and more Face Painting during an Event.
I understand how thrilled they feel with it, but I encourage them to let everyone get at least One before anyone gets more.  Unless my host says he just wants me to keep painting ~ whoever pops up.  I love getting opportunities to experience the excitement along with them.

Here are a couple of Super Hero Girls who I painted with more than one design.  Such fun

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Fairy Themed Party

Fairy Party?  Fairie Party?  However you spell it, my Facepainting is just the thing.  They loved it.

Happy Birthday Party for two sisters ~ Ages 3 and 6

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

all ready to go

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The Sun will Come Out Tomorrow

The Artist's Life.  Outdoor Events.  Sometimes Clients plan Outdoor Events. 

Experienced Party Hostesses would know to have an alternate plan for her Guests in case of inclement weather ~ but in this case, my Client has not yet mentioned it. 

They're predicting Rain for tomorrow, and I will be there ~ on time ~ with my Supplies.  I've been gearing up for Days ~ preparing to Twist Balloons for this Big Little League Event in a Park.  This evening, I even bought some Round Balloons because I was out of them ~ and wouldn't the Children Enjoy Microphones?  And I will be wakiing up more than 4 Hours earlier than I usually do ~ so I won't be late for the Event. 

There is a very heavy downpour going on right now.  And the weather reports say that the rain is scheduled to stop at the exact time that I'm scheduled to Start Balloon Twisting in the Park.  If so, that doesn't leave me any time to Set Up.  But I will be there.  Hoping other people will be there too. 

Oh ~ I'm just doing my silly worrying tonight.  Things always turn out alright.  How long will it continue to be pouring like this anyway?  And my Client would be even more concerned about it than I am.  I'm sure she will put something together.  and

The Sun will come out Tomorrow

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Parrots and Monkeys and Bears Oh My

Parrots and Monkeys and Bears.  Even the dreaded Bear. 

added to this growing pile of Balloons

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Little League Event

I'll be waking up Reeeeeeal Early next weekend to Twist Balloons for a Big Little League Event.  A lot of Children.  For a Little Time. 

I looked over my Balloon Supplies ~ and I touched base with the Simplest Designs.  Just getting my feet wet.....

 and while i was at it....  the Balloons were out already..... so I made a few 2-Balloon Dogs too.  Which takes me 3 Balloons plus a small one.  Determined to do it with 2 Balloons, I did manage that with the Blue/White Dog.  Even before I got to the 'legs', I remembered to make even the 'Eyes' smaller.  Not sure which way feels smoother ~ but I like'm all.  They're Balloons!

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Quick Change

Here I am ~ all dressed up and ready to go out to draw Caricatures at toNIGHT's after Wedding Celebration ~ when I just agreed to Facepaint tomorrow MORNING.  Early.  Special Theme.  And even if I can remember what I usually do to make my Super Fantastic Facepaintings. I would have to figure out how to streamline them anyway.  Because my Client is hoping I will Face Paint 32 Children in One-and-a-Half Hours. 

Quickly going over my Face Painting Supplies ~ looking good ~ and now to get it out of my head and get back into Caricatures.  For a few hours. 

I'll be getting back from tonight's event in the Wee Morning Hours.  And then I'll have to wake up (wake up?  will I have time to sleep?) by 5am to leave the house by 6am all ready to Face Paint Fairyland Creatures of Spring. 

I feel Happy.  It's crazy fun!