Saturday, September 14, 2019

I'm going to a Party!

This is me ~ getting ready for the Fall Festival

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Just me

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy ~ I took out my Facepainting Supplies tonight.  Just me. 

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Monday, September 2, 2019

Behind the Scenes

It is Major Facepainting Season again for sure.  So I refreshed my whole kit.  And while I was it it.....

One of the things that I really love about Face Painting is the doodling quality of it.  Once you know basically what the design will be, you can doodle. 

I usually use Black Outlines, so I wanted to check out White Outlines.  They're fine too. 

Then I wanted to see what would happen if I Added Black Outlines in addition to the White Outlines.  I did Not like that at all. 

It's good that I try stuff out at home first.  Hmmm..... what if I make the hearts a little Bigger.....

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New Shoes

All that focus, all that work, to prepare for this Facepainting Party ~ because my Client had told me to use Only Pastel Colors.  All that conundrum.  But lol ~ let me tell you how it turned out. 

When I arrived, like 2 sentences to my Client, and she was very nice and easy-going.  She just said something like "Do whatever you think is best".  So then, I didn't Have all the Colors that I would have wnated to use.  Because I had taken them out of my Supply Box to avoid problems in case a Guest requested something that my Client wouldn't have wanted me to use.

I had made a Whole New Face Painting Set Up.  Clean new boxes, clean new brushes, etc.  So when I got to this Party, things that had organically developed with my old Set Up just weren't here.  The Brushes were falling all over the place.  I couldn't keep them in order, so I finally gave up and just washed out a few of the best ones and used them over and over again.  And I forgot to prepare a spot to hold the Cloth for cleaning my brushes ~ I did a really good improvise by using a Clip to hold the Cloth to the Box.  Not quite as useful as the way it worked with my old Set Up, bu okay.  And and the way the box closes ~ for while traveling ~ that was a little schvachy on the New Set Up.  But it looked cleaner than the rubberband that I used for that in my old Set Up (I figured out how to make it work better After I got home from the Party.)  And and and.....

Things like that.  Wearing in a new Set Up is like what we used to do with new Shoes.  To make it fit us like a glove. 

Never a dull moment.  Before I give in to this needed Sleeeep, I'll post one of the Faces that I Facepainted:

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Fall Festival

Yes!  It's Autumn Again.  Here are some of the Facepaintings that I created at the Festival last year.

I love Face Painting in the Fall.  We were all so comfortable.  Not too cold, not too hot.  Just a peaceful day to Enjoy with Friends and Family.

I'm so glad that it's Autumn

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Reinventing the Wheel

I'll be handling a Facepainting Party a few hours from now ~ but I'm not feeling quite and happy and excited as I usually do.  Because I agreed to do what my Client wants ~ even though it turns out that it's unreasonable.  Didn't sound like a problem when she requested it ~ to use Only Pastel Colors ~  but now that I've tried a few, I'm feeling like my hands are tied.  I've been Facepainting and Otherpainting for Many years, and I'm quite proficient at using all kinds of Colors.  Of course I can make Pastel Colors, but to make Designs with the Pastel Colors On Faces, I would prefer to be free to bland them into darker Colors.  Or use Black Lines to make my 'statements'.  But my Cient said Nothing too Dark or too Bright for her 6-year-old Daughter's Party.

I understand the Pretty Little Girl Party that she's going for.  But I would have a different way to make it happen ~ different than using Only Pastel Colors.

First of all, I had to revamp my supplies to bring Only Pastel Colors.  Because ~ as a Professional who has done this before ~ I know that my of the Guests look into my Palette and say "I want this Color," or "I want that Color."  If that happens, it would give me a problem because I have to stick to the Agreement that I made with my Client.  She's having a Special Photographer, and this is what they decided on.  Never having created Facepaintings themselves.

But I'm also wondering if I might look..... um..... unprepared?  If I only have the Light Pastel Colors.  Like what if a Boy requests Spiderman?

Here is a Princess design that I practiced using Only Pastel Colors.  I would have liked to add in a dark Outline, but this is a good look also.  Good thing I tried it out ahead of time ~ It reminded me to bring some Silver for outlining.   I'm not good at Photographing Sparkles, but it did work  It worked very well.  Very sparkly.

I figured  I'll probably be okay if I just use Pastel Colors with White Lines for any of my regular designs.

So then I tried that out on my Tiger design.  Very difficult, I'm feeling bad about trying to reinvent the wheel here.  Why can't I just do what I do?  Why would I listen to people who tell me how to do My job even though they've never done it themselves.  And this is Artwork ~ so even different Artists do it differently.  I really didn't feel like it was a big deal when I agreed to it, but now I feel like I first  have to Learn how to do my job ~ which I already knew how to do fine. 

I figured I could quickly apply a base coat with a pretty pastel triad that I had here:  white, lavender, and skyblue.  As soon as I did that, I realized that that wouldn't work ! since I planned on using White for the Tiger Stripes (Nose?  etc?).  Figuring it's a good thing that I try it at home before going to the Party.  So I don't make any stupid mistakes like this when I'm On.

So I filled in the white areas with more of the Skyblue and Lavender, and I made the Tiger Details with White instead of Black.  This was Not a good idea.  It looks like a Clown.   Apparently that idea of just using Pastel Colors with White Lines doesn't always work.

Washed my face, and tried it without any basecoat.  That's awful also.  It's looking more like Tribal than the Pretty Pastelly thing that my Client had in mind when she told me to use Only Pastel Colors.

Light Colors just don't make Linework the same way as Dark Colors when Facepainting.  Why am I staying up all night doing this, when I would have Known to use Black Lines if my Client hadn't decided to control my Palette?  Don't I know how to Facepaint already??

Washed my face again, and had some sort of idea about making Curls and Swirls, more like pretty facepaintings.  And I figured that I would either have to make those lines with Pastel Colors, Or I would have to go back to using a basecoat.  Because my Client wants to see Pastel Colors (not just White).

I knew that pastel-colored lines would not show up well on my skin-color.  It would probably just look like wrinkles.  So I made a basecoat with Pastel Pink and Pastel Orange.  Perhaps this is a little better directions to go in.  Hmmmm....  perhaps I should use a smaller brush next time I try this one:

All this for one 2 hour Party?  I would never eliminate darks on my own ~ because I feel like they look  better. when I have access to All kinds of Colors.

Earlier today I revamped my whole Facepainting kit for this one job.  I took out all the dark colors that I wouldn't be allowed to use ! in case some children sit down and point to their 'favorite' colors ! as some children do ~ expecting me to use them.  But now I put back just the Black.  And I plan on recommending it to my Client when I get there.

Here are a couple of my Tiger facepaintings that I previously posted on this blog.  Where Clients can see the sort of work I Do. 

One more attempt.  Voila!  Feeling better.  The Facepaintings will be fine ~ once I'm there and pumped up with my Party Spirit.  Even if my Client does not want me to add in Black.

I got the eyedear to make Tiger just at the Eyes.  Thinner brush and think pretty eyeswirls instead of just Tiger.  Keeping it simpler than I would usually do with my bold tiger colors.  It worked:

Then I decided to take it a little further ~ what if I added in Tiger muzzle and lips?  Oh no.  Egads.  Thad did Not work.  It looked like ridiculous lines.  Not shown here ~ becasue I then decided to feather out the ridiculous lines with a sponge ~ I wasn't sure if that would work, but when I got to my face with the sponge, I ahah felt like it would be a good idea to cheek it up.  And that turned into a 'canvas' for adding more white Tiger lines.  Good.

Then I felt like trying a few more Tiger lines/embellishments (keeping away from making pastel or white nose), and Voilalala!  Yes!  Tiger!

But to do all this Study for Each of my Facepainting designs for this One Party?  That's not reasonable.  Especially since ~ even though I'm feeling pleased with how it's turning out, I would never actually cut out all those other Colors that also exist.  All the Wonderful Colors.  And even on this Tiger, I still would have preferred it with Black Lines.....

So I'm hoping this Approach will work at today's Party:

Keep it Simple ~ like Just Eyes or something ~ for the First person who asks for a specific desig (if I hadn't already practiced it like this Tiger design).  That way, I wouldn't scare away anybody else from asking for it in case the additional stuff doesn't work.

Then, the next time someone requests that design, I can create it with a little more......

And if it's requested a 3rd time, even more.....

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Shrek?  Shrek?  That wasn't on my list.  But isn't that what happens at Facepainting Events.  Many people already know what they want. 

So this is what I came up with.  For a little girl who wanted Shrek.  I liked her.  And I liked the Face Painting.  You can really enjoy your work, you can really enjoy the Children, when you feel comfortable with your skills. 

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