Monday, June 18, 2018

Quick Heart Connections

This little girl, barely 2 years old, didn't want to leave the chair.  She felt so enamored with My Face Painting.  She liked being with me, and she wasn't old enough to understand that it was the next person's turn.

Lol ~ I actually stood up and walked along with her and her parents for a few steps to say that "It's time to go now."

Isn't that Wonderful!  Precious ~ to be able to see so clearly how our actions can touch a person's heart ~

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Me ~ Face Painting at a Store's Grand Opening

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018


Time to pack up.  I've only been hired for 3 hours.  Times up and the Rough Music is So Loud.   But how can I go?  When these 3 little Unicorns popped up. 

I did these Facepaintings so quickly.  Probably less than 2 minutes each.  I love it! 

It's great to be a child. 

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New Cellphone Camera

So excited with the new technology.  But the decisions! 

This is me ~ going to a last-minute FACEPAINTING Event ~
I was originally told that this was a High School Event. 

Focus.  Prepare.  Take a Selphie as I'm on my way. 
My Iphone Camera gives me lots of Options. 
Hmmm...  Natural Light?  Studio Light?  Portrait?  Vivid Warm?  Vivid Cool?.... etc

I feel like the Photo with the Black Background was better ~ for a Hight School Event. 

But when I arrived ~ hey!  This isn't a High School Event!  Turned out to be an Elementary School Event.  Well.....  I might have chosen a different Face Painting Design for an Elementary School Event, but this was okay. 

And the Photo with the Natural Background and Natural Lighting is now better ~ for an Elementary School Event. 

Just goes to show ~ there are always so many decisions to make about everything.  Yes ~ make a decision.  But don't agonize over it.  Good intentions are the way to make things work. 

Our decisions aren't Stopping points after which nothing else happens.  Things are always changing

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I know a Lot of Designs

9pm last night ~ I was contacted to do FACE PAINTING today.

10pm last night ~ Agreement and deposit arrived.

Midnight ~ still doing Prep work

My whole day revolved around this last-minute Event.  Loud music.  Comfortable Set Up under their tent.  And as usual, most of the Requests were for Designs that were Not on my list.

I felt so happy to see that I felt comfortable to swing in to Each Request!  Of course, I had to do them more Quickly and Simply than what I do here in my Studio.

Here's One of the Faces I painted.  Roses.  And look who was there.  It's Richard Thomas, the Mayor of Mount Vernon.  Quite pleasant ~ he gave me Two Thumbs Up!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Special Request for one of this weekend's Parties.  Which I'm sure will come in handy for Both of this weekend's Facepainting Events.  It's to theme the Party for Cheerleaders and Zombies.  Like that's no surprise. 

Seems easy enough.  I could just do pretty Cheerleader Makeup for the Cheerleaders, and splotchy black/white with sunken eyes for the Zombies.  But I prefer to try out my ideas ahead of time.  Planning for the Party. 

I focused on the Cheerleaders tonight.  For a 5-year-old Girl's Party. 

I made 2 designs ~ figuring that one would be good for a cheek ~ and the other would be good for a forehead.  I learned the following ~ which will make my performance better at my events: 

1. Big head ~ Little body looks cuter.

2.  If I'm going to use the chunky glitter on the skirt, make sure to have a high-contrasting outline or background. 

3.  Maybe even save the pearly Colors for the Make-up Type faces.  And use the regular medium-light Colors for the backgrounds on designs like these. 

Whatever I do, I'm sure to Enjoy painting these designs.  I can paint different things each time.  Different sillouettes, Different types and different colors of curls and swirls using different brushes,  Many many different types of glitters

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