Saturday, June 28, 2014

Paw Patrol Puppy Dogs

I finally did it!  I designed my own Real FacePainting of Skye from Paw Patrol (Ever hear of Paw Patrol?  That's my latest Party Request for this Saturday.)  

Forewarned, but my first few ideas looked like something I might come up with on the spur of the moment if I was surprised by this request at the Party. Then, the idea that I painted here on the Yellow background (it would be Face when I'm at the Party) -- looks like a pretty girl dog And it's a Quick Face-Painting.  This has the pink glasses and the flop of hair that Paw Patrol's Skye has.  But Face-Painter-Style.    

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Waterproof Face Paints

I use high QUALITY FACE PAINTS.  Made specifically for faces.

Safe.  EASILY WASHED OFF WITH SOAP AND WATER.  Sometimes, it's just like washing your face as though you weren't even painted.  Other times, it can take up to 60 seconds (that's only one minute) of GENTLE WASHING WITH SOAP AND WATER.  And if I use a SOFT WASHCLOTH, it goes even faster.  No problems.  I WOULDN'T PUT ANYTHING ONTO ANYBODY ELSE'S FACE THAT I WOULDN'T WANT ON MY OWN FACE.

Today I tried out a new product.  I found  Waterproof Face Paints.

The Waterproof Face Paints were touted to Stay on in the Water, and then to wash off easily using Just Liquid Soap.  No Water.  And yes ~ I was told that it was Safe for Children.

As usual, I try it ahead of time.  On myself.  Before I'll put it onto anyone else.  And Oh, I HAD A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE with this new product.  I WILL NOT BE USING IT.

First I did a quick Dog onto my face.  For the base, I used  Powders instead of the usual Face-Paints.
I used Gray and White.   First problem I had was that I couldn't get fine thin details with the powders.
That's to be expected.  That's the way powders are.
 Then I used the new product for the linework.  Waterproof Face Paints.  Immediately, I realized that this was not going to work.  To activate the Waterproof  Paints, we use Rubbing Alcohol instead of Water.  Even though I didn't paint right up to the eye, I felt the discomfort of rubbing alcohol near my eyes.  
Rubbing alcohol, good stuff, but not suitable for the FACE.  My opinion.

But I finished the face.  Wanted to finish my studies.

1dogdog finished photo dog1dog_zps0de69473.jpg

I put my face into a sinkful of water and moved it around.  To see it it really holds up in the water:

dog2after water photo dog2gotitwet_zpsfb6803f4.jpg

Not bad.  Then I carelessly toweled it dry.  The way a client might do:

 photo dog3driedfacecarelessly_zps44f92658.jpg

Losing it around the lips, but it's still pretty good.

Then I tried washing it off.  This is where I HAD SUCH A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.    I used Shampoo because I didn't have any Liquid Soap here in the house.  Shampoo with a washcloth.  NO WATER, as directed.  But it wasn't coming off.  I had to get quite rough with it:.

To be fair, I wasn't completely following the instructions.  It did not say to use Shampoo to remove the product.  Perhaps it would have been better with Liquid Soap, as instructed.  But I'm not going to find out.
I felt miserable.  With the rubbing alcohol near the eyes and then the Rrrrrubbbbbing washcloth:

 photo dog4afteroneroughwashingwnewwashclothandshampoo_zpsb87e6148.jpg

Oooh ~ This is miserable.  Hurting my skin.  Rough hard scrubbing.  On my skin.  And it's still there.  Around the eyes, the nose....

I took a 2nd washing, even rougher than the first.    

It came off, but my face feels sore.   It's all pink from the rough scrubbing:

 photo dog5a2ndrealroughwashingwwashclothandshampoo_zpsedffc497.jpg

I was not feeling Happy with this new product.

Then I Enjoyed a normal face-washing.  A bar of any type of Soap.  With Water.  Aaah.  I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO  USING MY REGULAR FACE PAINTS AGAIN.  Regular Face Paints that wash off easily with Soap and Water.   If they want something that is Waterproof, they can order my Freehand Glitter Tattoos.  For arms, shoulders, neck, decollette, back, legs, ankles......  Freehand Glitter Tattoos.  Beautiful.

 Glad I check out products before putting them onto a Child ~ Now I know that I would not use Waterproof Face Paints..

dog6finalwashing photo dog6afterfinalwashingwsoapandwater_zps5eda9ea5.jpg

*Note:  My Freehand Glitter Tattoos are an Excellent Choice for a Beautiful Experience for clients who do want something that will stay on in the Pool.  You can see them at    
  Ages 8 and up.    

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Glass Bowl

Working at fine venues, So sometimes I am super impressed with some really fine Artwork.

This one caught my eye.  I loved the simplicity of the Glass Bowl in the painterly picture.  So I took a quick photo and went in to do My Artwork.

Lol ~ I see my reflection in the photograph.  The painting was framed under glass.

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