Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bowling Face Painting

We were laughing and having Fun.      
This design even surprised the Artist:

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rave Reviews !

Thank You to my Fantastic Clients who say such good things to my Agent.  He just thanked me for another Rave Review that just came in from our recent event for Airstream.  It does make a difference for me:

Alison was wonderful and I will use her again next year for our company picnic. Everyone loved every design she made. I will look through our pictures and will forward them to you.
Sandra R., Human Resources Manager, Airstream

Alison was great!!!!

Alison was great!!!! She did phenomenal work and she was an excellent sport. It started pouring outside, she was more concerned about the kids faces getting messed up, than about herself and her supplies. She asked for an umbrella for them, she was awesome!!!

Eventually we got in from out the rain and she continued her great work. I would love to have her again at my next event.
Latoya Lashley

Her work is outstanding!

I had the pleasure of having Allison draw faces for my son Dante's 13th Birthday Party. Let's start with her promptness. Not only was she on time, but she came by prior to so that she could familiarize herself with the directions, so that she would be able to get here on time. She had a
very warm personality, and with the going on of the party, she fit right in.
Her work is outstanding, and I would definitely recommend her and use her
for future entertainment. Thank You for such a wonderful professional
Leona Allen-Curtis

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I was determined to learn how to use these Stencils.  I prefer to paint everything freehand, but I think that I will be able to quickly embellish my freehand designs by texturing with Stencils sometimes.  It's a new thing for me.  It might be particularly helpful during the holiday season.

I discovered that I'd have to patiently dab dab dab with a dry paint.  And something about which Side of the stencil goes toward the skin.  Also that it's usually better to approach the area From the Side.
I'm ready to use it at events.  But only if there's time.  My face-paintings have been just fine even without the embellishments.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sports ~ Cheek Art

Cheek Art.  From me?  Can you imagine?  And make it Sports Theme too.

So how to do this?  I dreamed about Sports designs all week.  And when I arrived, I asked my client if she just meant that she did not want full face designs ~ so could I also paint 'Cheek Art' on arms and foreheads as well as cheeks.  Yes, she said.

And I also told my client that I brought a sign only giving Sports choices, but could I paint something else if a guest requested it.  Which they sure did.  Yes, she had said.  But still, when I was able to quickly come up with a design that would incorporate a Sport in with a different type of request, I did so.  Because my client was trying to make a Sports centered experience.  For very little children.

My client's main request was that I should keep things fast and simple.   Which I sure did.      
Here's the sort of stuff I came up with:

And of course you can tell that this little girl asked for a Butterfly.  (I still got that baseball sport in there.)

Following are some faces that I painted Really Simply ~  My client wanted that line Mooving.

Now that I can actually See what I did,  I wish I had made the 'stripes' on my baseketball-heart more vertically.   But I'm just glad I was able to quickly come up with a Sports idea when this beautiful little girl asked for a heart.

And some Sports Designs that I quickly painted onto the children who wanted it on their hands/arms:

This one is nice.  Something for a boy:

These two girls wanted to look like the movie 'Frozen'.  Here's the Sports design that I came up with to delight them:  Yes

Oh Oh ~ Only a few minutes left for this event.  They've already even stopped the music.  Paint fast, Alison ~ ~   By this time, I just quickly gave the children what they asked for. My client had said that I needn't be toooo concerned about insisting on a Sports theme.  The children and parents still loved it:

Times up. The event is closing.  The music is off.  The bounce-house is being deflated.  The tables and chairs....  And some children still rushed up for their face-painting.  Since I hadn't put my supplies away yet, I tried to accommodate them quickly.  Quickly.

Okay.  Put out your hands.  Something simple for each of you.
Just two quick photos here ~ to show you what it means when I'm doing this while closing up:

Whew.  I handled this Event so fast that it felt as though I had just run a race.  Condensed time.  Intensified creativity.   I didn't get photos of all of them,  but I was able to count 16 faces per hour here. (Without including those last few children who ran up as it was closing.)

Cheek Art worked very well for such very young children.  The full-face designs, which take a little longer to do, are best suited for older children.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flower Children/ Flower People

The Flowers that I Painted at a Recent Event:

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Animated Older Folk

Nothing like like Face-Painting to encourage Older Folk to Enjoy something.

Here are some faces I painted at a Home for the Aged:  

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We all need to do something Just for Fun ~

I just grabbed a moment to upload a few pictures of the people I painted at the Jewish Home for the Aged.

One of the women, elderly.  The other one, at work.  Both grown-ups.  But the days can get dull if we don't add in stuff Just for Fun sometimes.  Like Now

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Monday, September 15, 2014


These faces that I painted at a recent event      
show the sort of flexibility that you'd want    
an Artist to have at your Party.  
Wanting to make sure that the guests are having Fun, I try to accommodate their requests    
and also be sensitive to their comfort.

Here are three boys who requested "Spiderman", a very popular request.

The first one shows an older boy who can understand what we're doing ~ he wouldn't be upset if I painted his whole face:

The second one shows a younger boy who wanted the same thing, but would have been uncomfortable if I painted right up to his eyes:

The third one shows a very young boy who wanted Spiderman on his face.  Since I felt that he didn't know what he was going to experience, I let him see what I was doing by painting on his Arm before painting on his face.  I alternated back and forth between the two areas to communicate the new experience to him:

I hope that I am able to bring good experiences to people.

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