Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Blast through the past

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Holiday Party

Holiday Party Entertainment.  By that my Client means Chanukah and Christmas Celebrations for his Office.  Two Holidays.

Feels like there's at least one Spiderman at each Party.  Any type of Party, and Spiderman shows up.  He must be very popular:

and the Party continues.  This girl wanted to be a Present:

This one was interesting.  I had designed it quickly at the end of a Chanukah Party last year.  Because a woman wanted just a quick Something when I was supposed to be packing up already.  I had quickly made just a few lovely strokes, and called it The Eternal Flame, something that felt right for Chanukah Face Painting.  So when a man came by at this Holiday Party (not Jewish), and requested the Eternal Flame from my list of choices, I told him that it represents Keeping the Flame of Hope Alive.

  It felt like a beautiful thing that this man wanted one. But I just had a general idea about it, so I looked it up on Wikipedia while preparing this Post.  Here's a quote from Wikipedia at

 The eternal flame was a component of the Jewish religious rituals performed in the Tabernacle and later in the Temple in Jerusalem, where a commandment required a fire to burn continuously upon the Outer Alter.  Modern Judaism continues a similar tradition by having a sanctuary lamp, the ner tamid, always lit above the ark in the synagogue.  After World War II, such flames gained meaning as a reminder of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust.  EndQuote.

After the Party, I saw the man (still happily wearing his Eternal Flame) in the Subway Station.

 Still some more designs I created at this Holiday Party.  Some of them are very simple, and I like that ~ Sort of the Sumi-e of Face Painting.  If it's painted skillfully, that's all that's needed:

Happy Holiday Everybody ~

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nursery School

Look at this fantastic lady.  She had hired me to do Face Painting at her Nursery School.  She looks so perfect for running a nursery school.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Simple Tribal Design

Sometimes it's best to keep the designs simple.      
In this case, I did a 1-color base,
used a star-stencil,
just a few tribal lines,
and some highlights.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Face Painting Little Children

and they had me doing Face Painting also, of course.
I went all out on some of them, but I pulled back, simplifying others.
It's important to be able to do that ~ especially when I'm painting on little children.
Because the goal is for them to have a good time ~ a Super Special Day.

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