Monday, October 23, 2017

Everybody has their own ideas

Lol ~ There I was ~ Face Painting at a Community Halloween Event.  I stayed up late the night before to prepare my Sign ~ dreaming up specific Halloween stuff ~ and Only One Person actually requested one from my list this time.  The One with the Flaming Skull.

Everybody else had their own ideas.  Sometimes they wanted a FACE PAINTING that would match their Costume, and sometimes, surprising as this can be, they wanted something completely different.  Usually because of something like seeing my Rainbow Paint or seeing someone else looking who I had already Face Painted.

It's good to be versatile.  I feel happy to accommodate them ~ as best I could.  They all had such a good time at this Event.

to hire Face Painter Alison G for FACE PAINTING in New York, Long Island, Nassau/Suffolk

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