Monday, September 15, 2014


These faces that I painted at a recent event      
show the sort of flexibility that you'd want    
an Artist to have at your Party.  
Wanting to make sure that the guests are having Fun, I try to accommodate their requests    
and also be sensitive to their comfort.

Here are three boys who requested "Spiderman", a very popular request.

The first one shows an older boy who can understand what we're doing ~ he wouldn't be upset if I painted his whole face:

The second one shows a younger boy who wanted the same thing, but would have been uncomfortable if I painted right up to his eyes:

The third one shows a very young boy who wanted Spiderman on his face.  Since I felt that he didn't know what he was going to experience, I let him see what I was doing by painting on his Arm before painting on his face.  I alternated back and forth between the two areas to communicate the new experience to him:

I hope that I am able to bring good experiences to people.

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