Saturday, March 23, 2019

Quick Change

Here I am ~ all dressed up and ready to go out to draw Caricatures at toNIGHT's after Wedding Celebration ~ when I just agreed to Facepaint tomorrow MORNING.  Early.  Special Theme.  And even if I can remember what I usually do to make my Super Fantastic Facepaintings. I would have to figure out how to streamline them anyway.  Because my Client is hoping I will Face Paint 32 Children in One-and-a-Half Hours. 

Quickly going over my Face Painting Supplies ~ looking good ~ and now to get it out of my head and get back into Caricatures.  For a few hours. 

I'll be getting back from tonight's event in the Wee Morning Hours.  And then I'll have to wake up (wake up?  will I have time to sleep?) by 5am to leave the house by 6am all ready to Face Paint Fairyland Creatures of Spring. 

I feel Happy.  It's crazy fun! 

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